Importance of sports nutrition

The importance of sports nutrition is strong … very much overrated. And for this there is a very good reason: sports nutrition is a lot of a billion-dollar source of forever green raccoons for producers. This is not about millions, but about billions of dollars in income. Therefore, any manufacturer will be ready to do anything to grab his share of the income from this fat piece. And he will do anything for this: if only you bought his sports nutrition. By and large, in the form in which there is modern bodybuilding and fitness, it is possible only through the sale of sports nutrition. Because the development of any industry is limited to financial injections into this industry. And in the fitness industry, these infusions are simply huge because of sales of sports nutrition. From this point of view, sports nutrition is a very important thing, because its sales force manufacturers to spend money on advertising, sponsor champions, hold competitions, issue magazines, etc., etc.

Any manufacturer of sports nutrition is speculating with your dreams. I have already said many times about the “magic wand complex” (a magic tablet, a magical training system, magic food, etc.). The point is that we want to get the most possible result at the lowest possible cost. So our psyche is arranged. That’s looking for a newcomer of some “special secrets” of champions. And I’m ready to spend money for this. So why should not he help them part? Look at the names of various sports nutrition products and the pictures that are depicted there. Advertisers from the skin are trying to make you believe: this protein is what you need, in order to gain 10 kg of weight per month or something like that.

So what happens: sports nutrition – crap? Of course not. Sports nutrition is first and foremost just FOOD! Sports nutrition is not chemical preparations, and the anabolic effect from it is often exactly the same as from a normal balanced diet. There are some exceptions, but about them later.

In addition, sports nutrition, often, it’s convenience. It happens that it is much easier for you to drink a glass of a delicious cocktail than to eat a healthy piece of boiled chicken breast. There are some other advantages: for example, a protein from an additive often has a more appropriate time to assimilate than normal food (fast protein or vice versa slow). It matters … very insignificant in practice. BUT … this is not at all PRINCIPAL! Those. yes, it matters, but not important.

Advantages of sports nutrition:

Ease of preparation and absorption

Easy storage

Optimization of the rate of assimilation (there are fast, there are long)

High nutritional value (good amino acid or carbohydrate combinations)

Some proteins are cheaper (protein per 100 g.) Than protein from expensive meats

Convenience in dosing large doses of nutrients (at once you can get a large dose of protein, or creatine, for example)

Many beginners so piously believe that as soon as they start taking this or that sports supplement their muscles will immediately grow. That, when this does not happen, all their enthusiasm and enthusiasm is directed not at correction of usual food and training, for the search for the next “miracle” in the sports shop. These are the kind of things that start to bombard me with questions in style: which protein is better? What is better than a protein or a geyner and which firm …

When you listen to Cutler’s or Coleman’s interviews or any other top professional about what supplements and what time of day they are eating, note that these guys use the same list of sports supplements used by the same company. Do you understand why? Because they have contracts for millions of dollars with a particular firm manufacturer. So it turns out that Denis Wolfe now screams that BSN is the best company in the world with the most mega anabolic food, and before that he had a contract with Nitrex, and before that with Weider … and … how do you think that he shouted then? Right! Because any professional knows perfectly well what is really effective, and what you can just earn on.

Any professional is a pharmacological laboratory. Any professional in endocrinology often understands better than a professor of biology. Any professional is a bunch of hormonal drugs (testosterone from gram per week, insulin, growth hormone, clenbuterol, growth factors … … the list is endless) thanks to which he achieved his outstanding results. BUT … Imagine that I’m a professional, tell me, what is the use of telling the truth? I will not be petted for this by the head in more than one federation. After all, officially all working drugs – banned doping. And we have the same type of clean sport …. Yes, I nafig disqualified or at best just judges will put the last in all competitions, so as not to “disgrace the federation”. And besides, tell me, what can I live on? No company will want to sign a contract with me and pay me money. Because any company is interested in lies: “guys, what kind of chemistry?” I eat only breasts and a lot of additives of such and such a firm – this is the whole secret! Buy for more! ”


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