What L-Glutamine Powder Can Do For You

What L-Glutamine Powder Can Do

L-Glutamine is a building block of protein and the most abundant free amino acid in your body.

It is produced in your muscles and is distributed through the bloodstream to organs that need it. l-glutamine also provides one third of the nitrogen needed by your body, which helps healing and recovery of your muscles.

What L-Glutamine Powder Can Do

L-glutamine is a highly effective supplement that assists with muscle recovery after your workout. During training, your body uses up glutamine as a source of fuel, and your stores of plasma glutamine need to be replenished; otherwise, you could experience “muscle wasting”.

Simply put, your muscles may actually decrease in size. Consuming a glutamine supplement will help prevent this and allow you the freedom to work out intensely so your muscle cells repair efficiently. L-glutamine also supports your immune and digestive systems.

What’s in it?

Superior forms of l-glutamine are pure and contain nothing more. A quality l-glutamine supplement will contain 5 grams of vegetable-source l-glutamine with no fillers, preservatives or sweeteners. Ideally, the l-glutamine will also be fermented and micronized for rapid absorption and uptake.

How do i take L-Glutamine ?

Simply mix 5 grams of l-glutamine in water or your favourite beverage once a day (either mid-morning or mid-afternoon) and consume immediately. On training days, it’s advisable to consume one serving around mid-morning on an empty stomach.

To read more about – L-Glutamine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glutamine
What L-Glutamine Powder Can Do


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