General Information for Beginners

General Information for Beginners

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to pump up muscles, it is very important for you to understand the basic principles and ideas of muscle growth. Without this, further progress will simply be impossible. To swing the muscles, you should understand certain principles. So I decided to make a special section for beginners. Knowledge of certain principles easily compensates for ignorance of certain facts.

So, you have decided to pump up your muscles quickly. But you don’t know where to start, do you? How can I pump up muscles? – you ask yourself… In this case, just carefully read this section of the website and…  make sure that there are even more questions)))

Of course, I’m just kidding. In fact, everything is quite understandable if it is “sorted out” in a certain system. That’s what we will do. Before answering the question: how to pump up muscles, we will master the basics. Let’s start with the essence – with the principles of quick muscle growth. Understanding them will give you a general idea of bodybuilding as a whole and will allocate you from the main gray mass of visitors to the gym.


The fact is that bodybuilding or fitness is a very multiform definition. Everyone puts into it what he wants, this is both the flat stomach of a sexual fitness model for one person, and the broad back of a monster-bodybuilder for another… So, bodybuilding is not just a pumping of muscles, it is, first of all, a way of life. Yes, it isn’t a sport, it’s much more than just a sport. Because you do it around the clock, since the processes of muscle recovery and growth don’t take place at the training itself, but after it, during the rest. Therefore, even when you sleep, your muscles grow, and you “continue” doing bodybuilding… So we have come to the first and the most important rule: muscles grow quickly not at the training, but after it. Let’s memorize this maxim, from which it is easy to draw a conclusion that there should be enough rest for a fast growth of muscles between trainings. The process of this rest is called after training recovery. In a simplified form, it can be imagined as the recovery (healing) of micro-ruptures in the muscles. By the way, “healing” can also be called as an adaptation of the muscles to the loads… In general, this is the much talked-about growth which you so need if you don’t know how to pump up muscles.


You can be engaged with weights for years, and not to observe any changes in your body build (let alone fast growth of muscles). Strictly speaking, 95% of the holders of season tickets in the gyms show this “result”. Why? Because they have been working with the same weights for years. Full stop. It’s a clinical case. Keep in mind, if you don’t know how to pump up muscles: every time you should put an increasingly complex training task before the muscle. If the muscle doesn’t receive a constantly increasing load (weight, reps, etc.), it doesn’t need to grow constantly in order to increase its size.

Keep in mind, the musculature must be constantly overloaded, so that it grew and became stronger by adapting to new heavier loads. I consider this principle to be the most important in successful training because if you manage to follow it systematically, even forgetting all the other principles, you will still show progress.


I really want you to enter exactly the remaining 5% of the gym visitors, at whom the others would look with envy. That’s why, I will reveal the “secret” of serious achievements to you. I will reveal the important secret of how to pump up muscles, your personal secret. This is a training diary – a tool that will make you constantly follow the principle of overload and accordingly pump up your muscles quickly. Looking at your training diary, you will know exactly how much weight you have mastered in the last training session, and for how much you can increase it in this one. I will tell you in detail later, how to keep the diary and what to mention in it. Of course, you consider yourself the cleverest, able to keep the weight of a gymnastic apparatus in your mind without any scribbling… Well, in this case welcome to 95%…


General Information for Beginners

The training process as well as the pumping of muscles doesn’t differ on the basis of sex. After all, we are the same biological species… Although women are more pleasant to touch))) Often the men’s and women’s goals differ. The first want, as a rule, to have more pronounced musculature (they need a rapid growth of muscles), unlike women. And in this they are helped by genetics. Men have much more muscles in the upper body, and in addition a more powerful hormonal background that promotes growth. That’s why, no training woman without the use of hormonal drugs won’t be able to “spoil” her body build with large “masculine” muscles. From going to the gym, she can count only on a sporty, trained figure.

…to be continued

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